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Thistledown glamping & the 93 days of January!

It's February - at last. January just seems to go on forever doesn't it? Was it really Christmas such a short time ago?

Even thought the weather is dreary we have been busy painting, planting, cleaning & creating new additions for the huts and Fern Cottage. We love introducing new things around our site, those of you that are regular guests will hopefully spot the changes, however small.

Here is a round up of what we have been up too.....

Fern Cottage, as you may know has a new garden, it's still looking rather bare in places but we've done lots of planting and already we are seeing signs of that. If you are going to be staying in Fern Cottage soon we hope you will see past the banks that are yet to come into bloom and see the lovely borders where daffodils, tulips and many other flowers, herbs and plants are starting to emerge. In time this great space will have a couple of different seating areas, one for dining and one for relaxing, and also a fire pit, perfect for cooler evenings.

Also in Fern Cottage we have been brightening up the bathroom. It is now home to another of Tim's creations - a quirky mirror! Made from a reclaimed mirror and pallet wood it's painted to match the new colour scheme and art work in here.

Elsewhere at Thistledown Glamping yet another of Tim's creations can now be found in each of the hut bathrooms. We felt some hanging space was needed, but nothing is boring here. Made from copper piping and various other reclaimed materials we now have a very useful area for guests to hang their clothes. As well as a quirky little feature that is as practical as it is silly, but that is for guests to discover when they stay!

Amongst all this we had a Polytunnel saga! Keen to start growing our own fruit and veg we thought this would be a good idea. On one of the many days in January we set to work, rather pleased with our achievement at the end of the day.

Overnight a nasty storm decided to take down our polytunnel, ripping the cover and twisting many poles. After contacting the company that supplied it - MHSTAR - in the hope of buying replacement parts, they very kindly insisted on sending us out the parts we needed at no cost! So Polytunnel #2 is now in place and we are soon to be embracing The Good Life!

So many other little jobs are being done behind the scenes, clearing the pond (carefully!), tidying the field, new solar lighting, refreshing paint, new blinds, and even a new door!

Perhaps the biggest thing in the pipeline is planning our third Shepherd Hut that all being well will be Tim's next big project for Autumn 2020. But that's a whole other blog..........

Happy February everyone!

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